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We FACTORY RATES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED working on the brand Name “FACTORY RATES” The Name it self-speaks that the Customer can buy all National and International products on factory rates from offline and online both. We are planning to sell products to 133 Countries of Entire Asian, European, African, America, Middle East and Ocean Countries. We believe in Quality not in Brands, so we can only sell good quality products, either it is brand or not branded. Because only marketing and making a brand is not the assured the quality of products, but we also promote those manufacturers who is not able to market their products but their quality is far adequate then the brands products.


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Factory Rates International.

Plot No. 3, 3rd Floor, Lusine Tower,
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Organic Fruits and Bakeries


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Welcome to Factory Rates International

Factory Rates promises to deliver an exclusive shopping experience to its customers through a plethora of high-quality products. We offer an enormous assortment of daily use products like grocery, snack food items, soft drinks, toiletries, magazines, stationary, bakery, dairy and under one roof shopping to make your experience a sheer delight.

Factory Rates is an online and Offline food and grocery store. With over 29,000 products and multiple brands in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for. Right from, Rice and food, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care products– we have it all. We guarantee on time delivery, and the best quality.

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We give maximum satisfaction and assurance to consumers related to query or questions.

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Customer Care Solution is beneficial to reduce the operational cost and customer effort..

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We supports consumers and give needful information which they want.

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We are committed in providing an exclusive range of 24 X 7 Customer Support Service

Customer care is more than just providing great customer service. It’s a proactive approach to providing information, tools, and services to customers at each point they interact with a brand. The value of customer care.

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